Architecture. Math and science. Cuisine and the arts. All have been — and remain — at the core of Arab culture and civilization. In recognition of Arab culture, the National Arab Orchestra is celebrating “On the Shoulders of Giants: Arab Women in Music” at 8 p.m. Feb. 10 at the Detroit Music Hall for the Performing Arts.

The program’s theme: “On the Shoulders of Giants: Arab Women in Music”, showcases compositions, vocals and classics from across the Arab world.

This is NAO’s fifth concert of its 2017-18 season and spotlights the contributions of Arab women in music and the arts featuring vocalists: Lubana Al Quntar, Hela Melki, Marianne Layousse, and Razan Ramzi as well as composer Suad Lakišić Bushnaq. In addition to the musical portion of the concert, the orchestra will present artwork from Haifa Jamalieh and a recitation by Iraqi poet, Dunya Mikhail.

“We are very excited to honor Arab women in music and the arts, particularly at the Orchestra’s home base, the Detroit Music Hall for the Performing Arts whose mission includes providing ‘education that reflects the diverse mix of cultures that make up our community,’” Conductor and Musical Director Michael Ibrahim.

“The importance of women to Arab music and culture cannot be overestimated. For millennia, Arab women, and women, in general, have evoked countless emotions and intellectual passions that have shaped civilizations.”

For more information on purchasing tickets, call 313.887.8500 or 313.522.4700 or visit nationalaraborchestra.org or musichall.org.!

Written by Press & Guide