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Discover a world of Arab music

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Night of Tarab II

Discover a world of Arab music
We are excited to announce our upcoming season opener – National Arab Orchestra - Night of Tarab II. We will be delivering a brilliant program full of amazing music from around the Arab world, featuring three of our favorite singers, Nibal Malshi, Usama Baalbaki and our special guest Mohamed Atat. 
Night of Tarab II will be presented by Music Director, Michael Ibrahim on Friday, November 12, 2021 at 8:00 PM.
For additional help or group bookings - call us on (440 289 8321)
Or for those of you who can’t be there in person to experience this live concert, we do not want you to miss out. Therefore, we have set up a Live Stream on our website so you can purchase tickets and click on your unique link to watch on any device. 

Get To Know Our Guest Singers:

Nibal Malshi

Nabal graduated from the academy of music and dance in Jerusalem. She was the first to major in middle eastern singing.  She also majored in dance, earning two bachelors in six years.
She received the "Al-Qattan" foundation scholarship for performing arts. She was chosen to participate with other artists in a dance workshop where she partnered with KVS from Brussels for a month-long in Ramallah. Additionally, she participated in a Voice for Peace project in Germany and musicians programs in London.
In 2010,  "Jerusalem Bride," directed By Sahira Dirbas, was her first acting film experience. The movie was screened in Palestine, Europe, and the US and was nominated for many awards.
That same year she released her first written and composed song, "Kilmatak" "your words," and was elected the singer of the year in her hometown Haifa.  Since then, she has worked on her own songs and continues to partner with well-known musicians from the middle east. To date, Nibal has released four songs, and her music is played on all musical platforms.
Since being in the United States, she has performed with master musicians and artists Simone Shaheen.   Recently she has performed with the National Arab Orchestra, directed by Maestro Micheal Ibrahim, in Detroit.
Today Nibal is based in Dallas, Texas, where she is a devoted full-time mother of 3 boys, ages 8, 7, and 4, and they are all very musical. Nibal is working on three new songs to be released soon, written by her and by Lebanese, Egyptian, and Palestinian artists.

Usama Baalbaki

The incomparable Usama Baalbaki is one of the leading Arab vocalists in Arab America today.
A superb vocalist, he is also an accomplished musician as well. Originally from Lebanon, Baalbaki is known for his eclectic style of music from Arab pop to the classics. He is also a board member and lead vocalist with the National Arab Orchestra and has performed classical pieces from Mohamed Abdul Wahab, Abdel Halim Hafez, and music from the folk and classical genres.
Baalbaki has traveled throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, and the Arab world where he has performed at numerous weddings and cultural events.

Mohamed Atat

Mohamed Atat is a master of traditional Lebanese folk music. He sang for Nadia Gamal (a famous Arab belly dancer). He started his career in the 60s and performed for Arab diasporic communities all over the world. He started singing in the chorus for Fairouz and the Rahbani Brothers and then moved to singing next to other top artists such as Melhem Barakat and Samir Yazbek.

Live Streaming - Night of Tarab II

View a sample of our October 1st 2017 Night of the Tarab...


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  • Amazing music from around the Arab world

  • Featuring three favorite singers, Nibal Malshi, Usama Baalbaki and our special guest Mohamed Atat

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Night of Tarab II