Follow The Note Bronze Membership

$9.99 / month



Email To Your INBOX:
Here at the NAO we realised that some of our community don’t want to login into a membership to access our music. They like to simply click on a video and watch. So we put our musical minds together and came up with – Music To Your INBOX. This is where we send you a different piece of music twice a month and all you need to do is open your email, click and relax as the magic of the NAO is released.

Nothing Technical:
We have also noticed that some of our community are used to our YouTube channel. With the simplicity of just clicking and watching without any technical drama. So the Music To Your INBOX is a great way of avoiding anything technical and just simply clicking on a link to enjoy our latest releases mixed in with music from our past performances.

Any Device:
Another great benefit of receiving our performances from within an email is that you can enjoy watching and listening from any device. For example, if you are out and about visiting friends and family and the moment arrises where you want to listen to some magical Arab music, simply grab your phone or iPad and click the link. Everyone can enjoy the moment together.

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