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Wherever you are right now with your Karate, we want to help. You may be a fighter or a coach or both.
In order to achieve the most you can with each training session it is important you have the tools to plan, record and assess yourself or your athletes.
We have put together some free resources for you to help you get started, there’s much more inside the members area, but we’d like to help get you started now.
I wish when I was a fighter there was something like this that could have guided me, this is going to change the game forever.

Free Resources

If you are not ready to purchase our membership courses, then enjoy some free resources and get to know what we do...


You can start with the Live ZOOM Training Video Series

We created a live training series and put together some progressive lessons to help you move your training and level forward. Lear from BKF Coach Paul Newby and JKS Team Coach Matt Price, as they lead you through this amazing course.


Kumite Skills & Techniques ‘lockdown course’

Our world first online platform starts off with an amazing course that unpicks the technical aspects of kumite, breaking down the highest percentage scoring techniques with incredible detail as it is shot with high definition movie grade footage.


Success Stories

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